About The Site

Turbo Mango is a hobbyist non-professional video game site. You won’t find up to the minute news on Turbo Mango, but you will find unique editorials, reviews, a bit of comedy, YouTube videos and other miscellany. I hope you find the content on this site entertaining and enjoyable, because that’s what I’m aiming for. Thanks for reading. If you’re on facebook, find Turbo Mango there and give it a like so your buddies can see it and read it.

About The Author

Paul Sensale Turbo Mango

My name is Paul Sensale. The creation and maintenance of Turbo Mango is something I do on the side with the bits of free time I find throughout the week. I have professional writing experience in a variety of fields, but I’d rather but my time into writing projects I feel passionate about. When I’m not updating this blog or at work, I’m playing video games (obvious), spending time with my loved ones or making music.


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