Five Possible Reasons the New Legend of Zelda was Delayed

Zelda Delayed Wii U Tears

As you probably have heard, Wii U’s Legend of Zelda, the sole reason for caring about Nintendo in 2015, has been pushed out of this year’s release calendar. It’s not that big of a surprise; series producer Eiji Aonuma showed virtually nothing of the game other than the very tiniest of tech demos featuring Nintendo’s patented “Smart Horse Technology,” and the game still doesn’t have an actual trailer or a proper title. But I’m an entitled gamer and demand reasons! Of course, we’ll get the PR speak: “We are delaying this game to ensure we deliver the best experience possible.” Here are MY guesses as to why the Wii U Zelda got pushed into the nebulous of 20XX. Also before we get too deep here: this article is for fun. Don’t take it seriously please.

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Another Castle – Dreamcast 2 Announced, Press Release Leaked

Welcome to the first edition of “Another Castle”, a fake but fun news series from a universe not of our own. Don’t take it too seriously; just sit back and enjoy the thought experiment.


Dreamcast 2 Turbo Mango


Fellow Sega diehards, rejoice – the day we knew would come has finally arrived. Sega’s long-awaited return to hardware has finally dawned with the announcement we’ve all been waiting for. The Dreamcast 2 is real. Turbo Mango brings you the exclusive scoop, presenting you with the full text of Sega’s press release on their brand-new cutting edge console. Click below for the full press release:

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Turbo Mango: Day One Edition

Turbo Mango Day One EditionIf you are are reading this, then congratulations! You are one of the lucky few who have found Turbo Mango, and have thus secured the exclusive Day One Edition of this blog. Are you feeling excited yet? No? Aren’t you eager to get your paws all over the limited edition content that your Day One Edition preorder has granted you? Oh wait, I don’t think I’ve ever released the marketing spread sheet. Well actually, it turns out that I never made a spread sheet. How’s a bullet point list sound? OK, so here’s what you get:

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