Where Is My Heart? Video Review


Mysterious Sega Video Release on YouTube. Dreamcast 2 Confirmed?

After watching this strangely uplifting video that was posted on Sega’s official YouTube channel just yesterday, I can’t help but feel a sense of deep-seeded fanboy pride. Is there a hidden message contained within the slightly cryptic text? The video scrolls through a quick recap of Sega’s important contributions to the video game industry, it ends with animated bits of text, saying “Let’s change the game…Let’s gather our strengths…Forever move” before fading into the classic Sega logo. What do you think the message is here? You may believe that this is a video intended for new employees – something that’s followed by a long-winded HR speech. I’m just going to keep assuming it’s a subtle hint for the console to save us all. The video is embedded below.

Fallout 4 Official Reveal Trailer Released!

Holy crap. The egg is on my face now. Not only did Bethesda unveil Fallout 4 a full two weeks before their E3 press conference, they also showed way more than a simple cinematic teaser trailer. My icy heart has been thoroughly melted. Leave it to Bethesda to stay golden through the years, no matter how many bullshit trends in the video game industry manifest. Fallout 4 will be set in Boston, and Dog Meat might play a bigger role in this game than it did in Fallout 3 considering he’s so prominent throughout the gripping 3 minute trailer. I’ve embedded the trailer below. Enjoy!


Mango Play: Hyrule Warriors Part 4 has Arrived!

Hey Turbo Mango gang! The Mango Play series is really in full motion. from Hyrule Warriors Part 4 and onward, each episode will now be streamable in HD! Also, the videos are a bit shorter, so you’ll see new content on the channel everyday. Feel free to hit that subscribe button to get Turbo Mango delivered straight to your inbox. Here’s the 4th entry in our Hyrule Warriors playthrough. Watch Salty play as Lana as we chat about Nintendo’s big news of last week. Oh yeah, we also run into our first series of technical issues. Hooray!